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Here is Where You Can Find Resume Writing Jobs Online - TOP 10 List

Resume writing jobs are available in abundance because many seek quality assistance creating the perfect resume to submit to potential employers. Writing a resume is a daunting task for anyone seeking employment. Many seek the best sites online to look for professional assistance for resumes. As a professional resume writer you want to position your talents and experience on such sites. The service not only includes writing resumes but also may include other related forms of writing such as CVs, cover letters, and follow-up correspondences to resumes sent. Here are tips on where to find great resume writer jobs online, prepared by the experts at WritingJobz.

A Few Things to Note before Starting Your Search

While some resume creation opportunities require being on site at the workplace, there are work from home resume writing jobs available as well. Start by conducting a basic search to collect information to help you plan your next move. You can ask fellow writers about where to find jobs. Some job posting sites have this as a category so you can search for people seeking this service easier. Assess opportunities available by reviewing different sites providing this as a service option. You may want to check with related resume writing resources for additional leads on where to find jobs or how you can offer your services to individuals seeking employment.

List of Potential Sources for Resume Writing Jobs Online

While many sites are available online providing options for writers for resume services, it is important to review options carefully. Many sites are structured differently with some requiring a membership or an account to access jobs. To learn more about a site consider creating an account and going through the process of applying for work. Keep in mind the clients seeking the service may vary from college students to job recruiters. You could contact these same sources to get leads by mentioning you provide writing services for resumes. The following sites are known for providing a selection of freelance resume writing jobs.

  1. Flexjobs.com
  2. Linkedin.com
  3. WriterBay.com
  4. RiseSmart.com
  5. Upwork.com
  6. Writezillas.com
  7. Freelancewriting.com
  8. Glassdoor.com
  9. ResumeYard.com
  10. Indeed.com

Tips for Applying for Resume Writing Jobs from Home

When considering options available make sure your samples are ready and available. Some may ask questions about your experience and skills. Get tips from other writers about their applying experience. Keep track of which jobs you apply for and note any trends among jobs available. For instance, you may notice people seeking resumes for certain types of jobs. When applying, provide details on how you will work with them to create the resume they need. Some may have a resume created already but want a professional to review it. Note these jobs often go quickly, but you can set up an alert on many sites letting you know when related jobs are available.

Additional Insight for Seeking Resume Writing Freelance Jobs

As a writer providing services your website can provide additional information for anyone seeking support. On your website have a section devoted to writing services for resumes. Discuss your experience and provide information on how you will assist others with their requests. Sometimes people use job posting sites to find writers, but others may do a simple search through their preferred search engine when seeking independent talent. Plus, some sites listed above may allow you to link your site to your profile. Potential clients may choose to contact you upon learning more about your writing history.

The best resume for writing jobs are found online through trusted sites with experience connecting clients to writing professionals to meet their content creation needs. Many writers rely on multiple job boards and postings from different sites to find work. There is nothing wrong with using multiple sites as long as you find a way to make it work for you while meeting your writing goals. Join a writer’s community to keep up with leads about where to find jobs. Sometimes leads come from companies posting jobs available that may include hiring professional writers. Think about sites people use a resource for writing resumes. You may find additional leads for networking purposes.