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How Much Do Freelance Writers Earn?

Freelance writing is fast becoming a significant part of the online world. Content writing has always been crucial to digital marketing. Unlike regular jobs where you get paid at the end of the month, freelance writing is different.

The degree to which you work is how much you get paid. Therefore, diversity is needed as there are various forms of freelance writing.

Freelancing and Their Rates

Usually, people do freelance writing as a means of getting extra money. Others do it as their primary jobs. Therefore, a significant question people have is 'How much money will I make?' or 'How do freelancers make their money?'

Different factors affect how you make money as a freelance writer. These factors majorly steam from the fact that there are various forms of freelance writing, editing and ghostwriting jobs.

A lot of freelance writing projects pay per rate. Some writers charge per word and others some charge per hour. An excellent example of pay per project is blogging, and it is a good way to make money.

Most blog writers charge nothing less than $100. While for more experienced writers, $120 is the flat rate. Other projects are usually based on the quality or duration of the work.

If you have a tertiary education and have a specific qualification, you are at an advantage as a writer as you earn more. The rate of demand for freelance writers is going up as more organizations require good content. This rise will have a positive effect on pay rates.

Various platforms support freelance writers. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer.com, etc. are perfect examples. On such platforms, you would naturally have more than one client.

Every client varies based on their demand and the type of work they want. While some clients would pay more, others might not be so liberal.

Based on what is explained above, there is no fixed amount that a freelance writer makes. It majorly depends on the type of article you are writing and your client. These clients may pay you based on your niche, experience, speed, and skills.

How Much Do Freelance Grant Writers Make?

As earlier stated, there are different types of writing. Some people may pick a particular niche and focus on it; build skills and experience around this niche. With time, they become an authority on the topic.

A good example is grant writing. It is considered to be very lucrative. As expected, these grant writers make more money than regular writers. They have to make research and findings to create proposals.

These proposals are usually used to secure fundings for non-profit organizations. The rate of pay varies greatly, but it is generally within the range of $12 a page or even $10,000 for a 4000-word proposal.

Whether you are an experienced writer or a rookie, a qualified tertiary writer, or not, the important thing is not to limit yourself. There is always room for improvement and growth in your field. The more you grow, the more money you can earn.