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The freelance writing jobs available provide growth opportunities for freelancers of all backgrounds. Whether you are new, seasoned, or advanced, there are jobs available seeking a variety of talents including article writing, blog writing, editing, research reports, white papers, eBook writing, and more.

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Seeking article writing sites that pay great rates for quality talent? Writers have great opportunities online to provide quality content at home through many avenues seeking top talent for writing projects.


Greatest Paid Article Writing Freelance Sites for Working at Home

There are so many sites to choose from it can be overwhelming to know for sure which is best for your abilities. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to understand your options in further detail so you can plan your work schedule accordingly. Start by getting to know the best sites online providing writing jobs for freelancers. Here are a few useful tips for finding paid article writing sites to consider for additional writing opportunities.

Which Options Are Considered the Best Article Writing Sites?

Writers that use online job boards to get gigs may have their own opinion on which sites are best. Some sites are known for providing fair opportunities with an abundance of jobs available daily. Other sites may update their opportunities weekly but offer great pay and ongoing work with clients. Some require memberships while others have a detailed sign up process to help you get matched to the right opportunities. Freelancers are encouraged to explore several sites and consider bookmarking a few to keep up with jobs that become available.

List of Article Writing Sites to Consider

Any writer may have their own sites to suggest based on their personal experience. When you’re not sure which sites to consider, start with options recommended by other freelancers. Review reasons why they recommend the site and think about your goals and interests you want to accomplish as an article writer. Whether you are seeking options as a seasoned writer or article writing sites for beginners, there are sites seeking writing skills that provide great opportunities for writers to grow their content writing expertise. Here are a few sites commonly used by writers of all skill levels when seeking opportunities to write articles.

  1. Cracked.com
  2. Sitepoint.com
  3. Writersweekly.com
  4. Listverse.com
  5. Backtocollege.com
  6. Metroparent.com
  7. Upwork.com
  8. Hubpages.com
  9. iWriter.com
  10. Flexjobs.com

Choosing Article Writing Sites Based on Recommendations

As you learn about different sites available look for ways to compare them and what they have to offer for freelancers. There are blogs providing detailed comparisons of these sites while detailing pros and cons of their experiences. Some writers will tell you flat out to avoid certain sites based on a negative experience. As you look for recommendations think about what you want to accomplish as an article writer, they kind of clients you want as your base, and the earnings potential you want to achieve.

Additional Tips for Selecting Article Writing Freelance Sites

If there are a few options that seem worth additional exploration, sign up for an account and see what happens. Some options for jobs may include receiving a digest of writing opportunities via email. From there you can apply for the jobs if you have an account established. You can also close the account if you’re not able to land the opportunities you want. Many job posting sites also have community forums or social media pages you can follow for additional insight from writers. If you find a site or two that provides opportunities for writing, you can still continue searching for others to consider when you want to increase your workload in the future.

After learning about different sites available for writers you’re sure to find a few freelance article writing sites worth trying out. Research different sites available and learn their process for writers. If you find a site you like sign up for an account and get started seeking jobs. Start with recommended sites from fellow freelancers and determine which sites may provide the most opportunities aligned with your interests and schedule. In some cases, signing up with multiple sites is helpful to keep track of opportunities as they become available. After applying and getting started providing articles consider ways to keep your relationship with the client. Let them know you’re available for ongoing assignments. Once you have an idea of which sites to start your search, remember to do additional research on their background to learn if they are fit for long-term job options.


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